Adriatica HQ – Jesolo Lido, Italy
The Headquarters of the real estate company Adriatica Immobiliare is now located at the center of Jesolo Lido, near Venice, at footsteps from the sea. The building is a part of recent mix-use development which includes residential, retail and office spaces. The main concept is the inevitable need of opening up to the square in front of the building of obvious commercial reasons. This has been translated into a transparent glass enclosure which allows to see the window display as well as the activities inside. The type of program for this project included a mix of office areas and showroom. The layout is organized in order to create a large public area immediately after the transparent glass enclosure, which is defined also by the 10 meter long reception counter that is the main element placed in this open space. The offices instead are located in the back of the building, in a more private and less transparent area from the outside.The interior partitions of the offices are glass walls, so that the entire space is read as one, but there is still a good acoustic separation that provides privacy if needed. The 350 square meter building is organized on two levels, the ground floor and the basement level which includes the meeting room, the restrooms, the technical rooms, the archive and a large storage room.
At the centre of the ground floor, a full-height tapered core is hiding two large concrete columns and several plumbings and is a sort of generous cabinet finished with horizontal wood siding. This element is also a sort of hinge for all the offices and circulation around it. The traditional window display idea is here abandoned for a much contemporary system which includes a lcd display integrated in the curtain-wall, which is easily updated anytime there is a new project to be displayed. The floor are 20cm planks of natural oak which module the position of the elements in the space; the lighting is completely recessed in the dropped ceiling and they are almost invisible during the daytime. The air conditioning diffusers are very thin slots of 2cm inserted in the dropped ceiling, while the heating is a floor radiant system. The lower portion of the dropped ceiling, which runs for the entire length of the building, has the function of hiding the technical systems and is also the link among the linear sequence of spaces divided by the transparent partitions. The corresponding volume reduction, which defines the reception counter area, is underlined by two horizontal light coves, one on the back millwork wall and the other under the counter. These lights, along with the halogen recessed ceiling lights, are creating a warm and pleasant tone during the late afternoon working hours.