Bratislava Villa – Bratislava, Slovakia
The idea for the project is developed according to two main aspects: the strict building regulation, that only allow a small buildable area, and the scale of a new villa that would be appropriate in the valuable residential district of Slavin. The local Building Code requires that on this property the buildable area above ground is limited to 450 square meters. The project, taking advantage of the topography of the site which is about 4 meters lower on the Southern side, is then organized on two main levels. On the Upper Level it features a main building which meets the size requirements to be considered above ground, and on the Lower Level it features a larger block which is considered underground. In reality, the larger block on the Lower Level still enjoys a lot of natural light and fresh air, with the two most precious sides, South-East and South-West, completely above ground on the lower garden, and lot of other natural light intakes from above. The lower block is also provided with a green roof that helps to maintain a mild climate inside and make it disappear elegantly in the property.
The second driving concept in the development of the project has been the research for a solution that will allow to have a well-proportioned building that could coherently fit in the district and not appear over-scaled, even if the residence program is very extensive. Thanks to the two-level layout, the large program appear light and smaller, with lot of greenery and beautiful landscaped areas. This all result in a "villa in the park" concept, with a peaceful environment transmitting serenity. A home should be always considered as an oasis of calmness far from the busy activity of the everyday hard working schedule. The rest of the plot is organized with a simple and functional scheme, where the entrance is set on the north side, which is also the higher point in elevation, so all the rest of the property will be enjoying the correct exposure and the south facing panoramas in a total privacy. The Wine Cellar is located on the North side next to the main entrance so that the access for guests of events will be easy and immediate. Gardens on the Upper Level enjoys the most beautiful and unobstructed views of the city. The main outdoor swimming pool is positioned in a strategic location in order to have full sun exposure, to enjoy the panorama, and also to be seen from the living areas of the villa on the Upper Level.